You're engaged! Congratulations! Now what?

Hey there, lovebirds! Let's talk engagement photos. Whether you're newly engaged, on the brink of popping the question, or simply daydreaming about your future together, capturing this special chapter in your love story is something truly magical.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Where do we even start!?" Don't worry, my friends—I've got you!! Let's dive into some tips and tricks to ensure your engagement photo session is nothing short of picture-perfect. (See what I did there 😜📸)

Where to go

First things first, let's talk location. One of the absolute joys of living in the PNW is that we have SO MANY options for where to take your photos. In Spokane alone, we have the river, mountains, downtown spaces, lakes, fields, woods, coffee shops, studio spaces, your own home, the possibilities are virtually endless! Whatever you decide, choose a setting that speaks to your unique love story. Think about places that hold special meaning to you as a couple—maybe it's where you had your first date, shared your first kiss, or simply love to spend time together. When you feel comfortable in your surroundings, you're more likely to fall in love with your photos and the story that they tell.

What to wear

Next up, wardrobe. What you wear can really dictate the overall feeling of your photos. Prior to your engagement photos, we will chat a bit about your overall vision for your photos, and then decide on a direction for outfits. I'm always happy to share inspiration boards, examples, or weigh in on your choices to make sure we can really bring your vision to life. In general, I encourage my couples to wear outfits that feel like THEM! Again, when you feel comfortable, you're more likely to lean into the experience, and therefore more likely to love the end result.

What else

Props - do you need 'em? Maybe! Some of my favorite couples photos include things that help ease the nerves of having your photo taken in the first place. Maybe you and your love like to make coffee, let's do that! Are you both super artistic? Bring a sketchbook and take a moment to draw something with one another! Those little details make a huge difference. Remember, your engagement photos are supposed to capture this moment in your love story, so let them tell your story exactly as it is. If there's something important to you, it's important to me too.

Engagement photos must haves

The one and only thing that you HAVE to have for your engagement photos, get ready to write this down, ready? Okay. The one and only thing that you absolutely MUST have is... love 😘 When it comes to your engagement photos, they get to be exactly what you want them to be. And as long as you love one another, your photos will show that, and be absolutely perfect. On the day of your shoot, relax, have fun, and let your love shine through. Remember, these photos are a celebration of your unique connection, so don't be afraid to be yourselves. Laugh, dance, steal a kiss or two—whatever feels natural and authentic to you as a couple.

And finally, trust your photographer. As a fellow hopeless romantic, I'm here to capture the essence of your love story in every shot. So, relax, soak in the moment, and let me work my magic behind the lens.

Cheers to love, laughter, and your happily ever after!

Who's ready to get in front of my camera!?