CC, David & Jojo do NYC

As a photographer, I've had the privilege of capturing some truly amazing moments throughout my career. But one of my favorite experiences was when I had the opportunity to work with CC and David as they explored New York City with their furry companion JoJo.

I've known CC & David for several years (I even photographed their wedding years ago :) ) - when I knew I was going to NYC, one of the first things I did was text CC and see if she was up for traveling from Philly to do some photos and thankfully she made it happen :) *there's more to the story, but I always get caught up on the details and ya girl is working on not over explaining haha*

Our first stop was Central Park, which was a blast!! JoJo had a blast running around and chasing squirrels and geese, while CC and David were laughing and enjoying the sunny day

After exploring the park (and obvi taking photos where Life Of Pets is set (iykyk)) we we to a deli and got some sandwiches and enjoyed a New York staple. It felt so refreshing to see old friends again and explore NYC!!

As a photographer, it's always rewarding to be able to capture the love and connection between two people. But with CC, David, and JoJo, it is something truly special. The bond and love between them is palpable, and it was an honor to be able to capture that love and joy.

I ended the day by flying home to Spokane, I couldn't help but feel grateful for the opportunity to work with such a wonderful couple and their ADORABLE pup.

In my experience as a photographer, it's moments like these that make it all worth it. Being able to capture the beauty and love in the world around us is an incredible privilege, and I feel lucky to be able to do what I do.

xo, gossip girl